Who Cares?

Isn’t it interesting that we teach our children that ‘sharing is caring’, we should say please and thank people when they do something nice for us, but we seem to lose this over time as we get older?

Our values and morals mature with time, and we seem to be less tolerant, less understanding, more demanding, and certainly less appreciative.

The person, whether at home or at work, who can recognise this early on, can change.

I have started this with not so much as a ‘New Year’s Resolution’ (can’t remember one that I saw through to the end), but more of a conscious effort to recognise and compliment people who do nice things.

Two weeks ago, I had my second dose of Pfizer. The nurse at one of the major hubs was professional, explained everything in very clear detail, was thorough, and the jab was administered with great care and concern. So, I told her this and thanked her. She was taken aback. She had done 100s of these and yet I was the first person to say thanks for doing a great job. She smiled from ear to ear.

And it can come in all forms, this caring and sharing.

Last week I was in the city meeting someone for an early coffee. It was cold. The café wasn’t open yet (Chianti at 160 Hutt Street, Adelaide, South Australia). The owner, Maria, saw me outside waiting, advised me that they were not open yet, and then let me know that she was going to lower the blinds to block out the cold wind, AND put the outdoor heater on for me.

Talk about caring!

Imagine a business leader actively looking for good things the team is doing, rather than the negative. Imagine that culture!

I’d work there.

In a world where we are quick to jump online and complain about everything and anything, wouldn’t the world be a better place where we look for the good things, and let people know that we appreciate that good stuff.

I share this with people, and the response is generally, ‘yeah, but who has the time for that’?

You do!

Make time.

It is important.

The world will be better for it.

Show you care.

Please and thank you 😊

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