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About SME Collective
Oxford Dictionary Definition - Collective
'common, shared, joint, combined, mutual, communal, united, allied, cooperative, collaborative, aggregate, cumulative, undivided, pooled'

Remember when you would go out on a weeknight for a couple of drinks with some business people, have a chat, coincidentally find the Subject Matter Expert you were looking for who could assist your business?

Well, we wanted to bring that back.


SME Collective was started by a number of like-minded business individuals who wanted to get back to that type of real networking.

It had to be free, and restricted to members who are introduced by existing members, people that are genuinely interested in assisting Small to Medium businesses.

SME Collective respectfully supports and encourages all members.

We catch up informally (for now) to chat in relaxed surroundings, no pressure to sell, no pressure to pay attention to speakers, no fancy get the idea.

There are no fees.

We support local Small to Medium enterprises in Adelaide by meeting at their place of business putting money directly into their tills.

If this is the type of networking you might be interested in, and you have been referred by an existing member, click on the link below and join us.