Networking Event
About SME Collective
Oxford Dictionary Definition - Collective
'common, shared, joint, combined, mutual, communal, united, allied, cooperative, collaborative, aggregate, cumulative, undivided, pooled'

SME Collective was created by a group of like-minded people who wanted to be able to share their skills and expertise to help other business leaders, as well as help the Small to Medium Business leaders of tomorrow.

It is run for members, by members.

Meeting in a relaxed environment, no hard sells, with minimal presentations.  Any presentations will be short, with the potential to genuinely help others.  If you find the information provided of interest, presenters will be happy to chat with you.  We do not want to bore you if the topic is of no relevance to you!

We meet at independent hospitality venues, supporting local businesses, and hopefully give you a chance to experience something new.

Meetings will be capped to ensure that we provide quality time to one another.

No fees!

You pay your own way.

If this sounds like your type of get togethers, and you have been referred by an existing member, please click on the link below to join us.

Please allow 3 business days for membership approval.