Brand Agnostic

Being Brand Agnostic means I am not aligned to any particular Brand, I do what is best for your business.


It also means I do not receive kick backs or incentives - I only have you and your business in mind.

Team Meeting

Limited Number of Clients

I limit the number of clients I work with to ensure you receive timely and outstanding service.

Open for Business

Franchisee to Franchisor

I have been very fortunate to see both sides of the fence. I was a multi-site Franchisee and served on the Business Advisory Council of an international Franchise providing input and feedback to assist fellow Franchisees.


As a Franchisee, I know how at times the relationship with the Franchisor can be challenging. I understand that whilst the Franchisor has a vision, the Franchisee ultimately pays for it - Franchisees should expect a Return on Investment for everything they are asked to do.

When I work with a Franchisee, I truly understand the challenges faced with being part of a network and Franchise System.

On the other side, I have been part of the Senior Franchisor Team of a well-known Australian Franchise. I understand the difficulties faced when rolling-out new programs and store initiatives, and trying to provide a consistent experience for customers across the network. I have spoken with many Franchisees in my role as a Multi-State Manager and understand the wide breadth of experience and the many different economic situations Franchisees find themselves in.

When I work with a Franchisor, I understand the different approaches, situations and solutions that need to be explored to provide a win-win outcome for both the Franchisor, and the Franchisee.

Old Globe

Multi-Site Experience

My experience extends from running a single site, to 95 sites across 5 states and territories. 

Most recently, my role at Priceline oversaw South Australia, Western Australia, Australian Capital Territory, Norther Territory, and regional New South Wales

I understand the challenges when operating across different sites, states and territories. Time management, different stages of business life cycle, as well as managers' experience affect involvement required from leaders. Managers and owners in areas outside of 'home base' can feel neglected and de-motivated if not handled appropriately.


Tailored Approach and Solutions

No two businesses are identical.

I spend time with you, the owner, your leader(s), and the team to ascertain what the real roadblocks are. Once established, I provide a tailored solution that is unique to your specific location and industry.

Business Graphs

Small Business to ASX100

From a small turnover of $300,000, to $4 billion, the principles remain the same - and I have experienced both.

I understand that as a small business owner, often all your eggs are in one basket - the success of your business can determine what school you send your children to, whether you can go on a family holiday, or just have a weekend off.

Having worked for large businesses, I have been lucky to experience many leadership, practical, and innovative solutions.

I utilise the knowledge, skill set, and the processes learnt with big business, and share this with those who may not have had the privilege of these opportunities.

Curriculum Vitae

Multiple Senior Management Roles

Project Management Build - Small to Large

I have experience with large and small builds.

I was tasked with opening the first IKEA store in South Australia. From store design to opening day, I have experienced the challenges with government departments, contractors, overseas consultants and stakeholders, and I am proud to say I delivered the $63million project ahead of schedule and 15% under budget.

From large to small. I have also project managed the fit out of two franchised stores with a budget of $150K each. These were delivered on budget, with much friendlier layouts than the Franchisor's version, with scope of growing the business, which the Franchisor version did not have.

Large or small, each have their own challenges.


I have worked with small and large budgets, across all mediums. I've been the person asking for editorials to help a small business, and the person being asked for interviews across television and radio stations for a well-known brand. 

I look into the demographics of your market(s) and make choices that fit with your business and customers. 

Having been Bunnings' Marketing Manager for SA, WA and NT, I have been exposed to the nuances between states and territories. I know the cookie-cutter approach does not always work across states, or even suburbs. 

Markets are constantly changing, so are the mediums available to get your message out.

Sometimes you don't need to spend a lot, but you need to carefully consider your options. Managed correctly, your budget can stretch further than you think. As an example of a larger campaign, the IKEA opening campaign resulted in over $500K in free advertising across multiple mediums.


I have experience in sourcing products locally, as well as overseas on a LCL and FCL basis.

I have had the pleasure of visiting factories making products to sell in my stores, and seeing the end product being purchased by a happy customer. 

Visiting the Guangzhou Fair in China twice a year I understand how many products are available and how hard it can be to find the right ones, with the specifications that fit your market.

At the store level, I have developed an Open-To-Buy Policy for a Buying Team, as well as a Merchandise Presentation Manual for staff to follow.

From negotiating direct with factories, liaising with agents, to displaying products in stores, I have worked along all sections of the supply chain.


I am able to advise clients better ways to pack and design products for more efficient freighting.

I also have sound understanding of maximizing lanes to ensure you get the best deal from freight companies.

Contract Negotiation


I have experience in lease and major build negotiations, however, for more complex issues I have great contacts that can assist and facilitate.


For two smaller retail stores, I was able to negotiate better local and interstate freight rates than the Franchisor was able to obtain for 105 sites for the same service.

Whether large or small, at times it is not necessarily about getting better pricing, it can be about improving service, or changing the service to better suit your needs.

I am a firm believer that with any contract, there has to be a win-win outcome to ensure a lasting long term relationship.

Staff Management, Development & Retention

My passion is working with managers, developing them so they have the skills and understanding to grow their own High Performance Team. Working with owners in helping them to 'let go' and trust their managers is an important step in the team having confidence in their leaders.


I have the ability to empathise with staff but I know decisions must be made that are best for the business. This can sometimes be hard for small businesses owners who have developed friendships with their staff. In one situation I helped an owner move his best performing manager to his largest store to better utilise her skills, and his profit. The under-performing manager moved from the larger store to the smallest. Whilst this is not ideal, it was the option the owner was most comfortable with.


I am a great believer that staff should only need to work within agreed hours. Being able to 'clock off' improves productivity, morale at work and team wellbeing. 

The High Performance Teams I have developed are able to continue running the business even when management isn't present. I build staff to be able to make decisions for themselves. Succession planning is key.


I have worked as a retail assistant, dealing with the highs and lows that come with customer service. I have managed teams, and appreciate having to work with managers of varying skills and experience.

Many businesses use commissions driven by sales, and they can work, however, some businesses fall into the trap of rewarding average targets and behaviours. I am very strict about setting the right incentives that drive performance.

Over the years, I have understood how to get the best results. Keep it simple.

I am an advocate in keeping things simple for the team, having a maximum of 3 key KPI's is ideal. They need to be measurable, but most importantly, easily understood by everyone in the team. If team members don't understand reports, they won't use them. In my experience if you choose the right 3 KPI's, they will invariably improve the other key drivers in your business.

As a new manager, I changed a large store to this methodology while taking on a major competitor and it resulted in having the highest store increase for the franchisee over the previous year (+87%). It also improved the store's Sales Metrics by 60+ places over a 12-month period to be in the Top 10 out of 105 sites. A large franchise continues to use the simplified reports I developed for my team, and has rolled them out across nationally.


I have sourced talented individuals from all over the world, as well as locally.

From employing a single retail assistant, I have also been tasked with the recruitment of 10 executives, who recruited 32 managers, who in turn recruited 485 employees for a new store.

I am a strong believer that you should recruit based on Cultural Fit, Company Values, and Behaviours rather than task related experience which can be taught.


Improving workplace culture, alongside leadership development, is my passion and I have been highly successful in gearing teams towards High Performance and Self Management. Great teams don't need their leaders present to operate efficiently. Staff who have been given the right training who are able to make decisions for themselves, take more pride in their job and make better co-workers.

I entered a store requiring a complete cultural and structural overhaul. By redirecting the team to a new set of values (many of them, had never heard of Company Values), managers were able to effectively run the store without me. The store manager and 2IC did not need to be present for the successful daily operating of the store.

South Australian Owned

I have lived in Melbourne and Perth, but have called Adelaide home now for the past 15 years.

 And like the locals, I think SA's heaps good!

Trip Planning

Exclusion Zones

It doesn't make sense if I'm helping your business and your competitor in the street.


While I'm working with you, I make a commitment to not enter into a contractual agreement with a competing business located within a  reasonable geographical distance.