How humble are you really?

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

The oxford dictionary defines Humility as:

“The quality of not thinking that you are better than other people; the quality of being humble”.

It is perfectly okay for a leader not to have all the answers, you are not expected to be the subject matter expert on everything.

Why would you have employed all these bright and intelligent people in your organisation in the first place?

You are the leader because you can focus on the future, stay calm in the face of adversity, have sound decision making skills, have an ability to clear roadblocks for your team, and lead the way.

There is nothing wrong with showing that you are vulnerable, have emotions, have stuff that is going on in your personal life, that you do not always know what is around the corner, but as a leader, you will guide your team through the challenges and see it through to the other side.

So how can you go about this?

· Be open and honest with your team – let them know at times you will need help

· Put your pride in a box on a top shelf to gather dust – the business, its people and clients must come first

· Meet your employees ‘where they are at’

· Share some of your current challenges within your role with your team

· Be open to new ideas, thoughts, and concepts

· If you do not know, say that you do not know

· Don’t assume

· Ask a lot of questions

· Ask for help

Do you need help in the above?

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