How easily does your team adapt to change?

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Nobody likes change. Change is hard.

But it does not have to be!

Imagine a work environment where change is the norm. Where change is accepted, relished and exciting.

Whether it is restructuring of the business, your brand, your team, or processes, I can help.

There are several key elements to successfully effecting change.

As a leader, you need to engage your team. Explain why change is needed. Convey that you as a leader understand the issue, and that you are open to input, ideas, and solutions.

It does not have to be a think-tank, or yet another committee. Ask who wants to be involved, set time aside to discuss, appoint a team leader and an owner for the project, set some time frames, then…. communicate, communicate, and communicate some more to the rest of the business.

The more the team is across the issue and the solution, the better the buy-in.

I see so often where leaders feel the need to solve everything themselves.

They do not and should not.

What they are doing is stifling creativity and engagement from the team. Ultimately it deflates the team and input dwindles.

Leaders should be humble and willing to listen, commit to someone else’s point of view, then back them in.

Do not know where to start?

Do you need help introducing change to your business?

Why not give me a call for a no-obligation free chat about how I can assist you.

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