How does your team perform without you?

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

We all know that feeling as business owners when you take some time off (if you can); a mixture of anxiety, trepidation and worry about what is going to go wrong whilst you are not there.

Thoughts run rampant and it is difficult to relax.

Your family and friends get annoyed when you are on the phone/laptop when you should be enjoying quality time with them.

Sometimes it is hard to let go.

Having been a multi-site owner for many years, I get that it is your skin in the game, your house on the line, your personal brand at stake, and this needs to be protected.

But you may be doing more harm than good by not letting your team make decisions.

Many companies use words like empowerment, purpose, belief, and team engagement, but these do not mean much unless you encourage your team to make decisions, let them fail without consequence, and celebrate the good stuff.

I am not a big fan of feel-good platitudes – real on the ground action is where my focus is.

With the right guidance, structure, and support, you can take time off without interruptions and enjoy quality time with your family and friends.

If you have felt or feel this way when trying to have some time off, why not contact me to have a no-obligation free chat about how I can assist you.

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