How are you balancing life?

There is no such thing as Work / Life Balance!

I heard this some years ago and thought, 'here we go, this business is going to expect me to work 70 hours per week!'.

I was wrong. They did not.

And it dawned on me, my work and personal life was, well, life.

You just must try and fit it all in. I found that the more I had planned and structured it, the worse I was for it. Either my work or my personal life suffered.

The biggest challenge was not to feel quilty when I attended a family event, a personal appointment and so forth. This may sound easy, but I really struggled with it for some time, until I realised how important those moments were to me, and to those around me.

The beaming smile on my daughter's face surprising her at a ballet session, walking into my nephew's birthday party straight from the airport after being interstate for a week and landing not 45 minutes ago, remodeling my mother in law's kitchen...moments that really matter to all.

My work never suffered. I was, and am still as driven and ambitious as ever, but now have a greater appreciation as to how to make all the moments matter.

Do you need help being there for moments that matter?

Why not give me a call for a no-obligation free chat about how I can assist you.

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