Giving in, or being an employer of choice?

With the ‘Great Resignation’ still rolling on, employers are feeling more and more out of their comfort zone. They feel they are losing control.

But do employees really want it all their way or are they just asking for some basics that employers can easily adapt to?

The adage of looking after your team who will then look after your customers is still relevant.

So why are employers so hesitant to accede to employee requests?

Many employers seem to feel that they are continually ‘giving in’ to demands.

My question is: “So what?”

If the demand is reasonable, then why not do it?

87% of employees that are highly engaged are less likely to leave your business.

It can cost over AUD$15,000 to employ a new level 1 employee and over AUD$45,000+ for an employee in a managerial role.

Compare that to the request made and see if the numbers stack up.

Businesses that act on feedback from employees have higher engagement (80% vs 40%). This translates into better outcomes for the business, customers, and stakeholders.

There is nothing worse for an employee to provide feedback only for it to fall on deaf ears. Many employees that do raise items, generally are engaged with your Brand, and genuinely want to see the business succeed.

It is the job of the leader to coach the employee over time to come up with solutions as well as issues.

And if it is not feasible, then advise so immediately stating the reason why.

It is critical for employees to always understand the ‘why’.

So don’t put it in the ‘too hard basket’, don’t set it aside, get onto it – TODAY!

In my experience working with several clients, the faster you act on feedback, the greater the engagement levels, the greater the output, and the greater the improvements in a variety of relevant KPI’s.

So next time when you are having a chat with an employee, and they have a request – evaluate, implement, review.

And when an employee has feedback, or a new idea – evaluate, implement, review.

Rinse and repeat.

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