Find ways to say Thank You

This goes out to leaders and employees alike.

Instead of looking at someone’s negative performance, start with the mindset to Thank someone.

It can be challenging at the start, as, especially in Australia, we almost pride ourselves on taking someone down ‘a peg or two’, we don’t want people to become ‘big headed’ or ‘too full of themselves’.

But this type of attitude is not conducive to establishing a supportive, nurturing, and appreciative culture, or work environment.

Organisational cultures that have a grateful, or appreciative culture, are extremely rare, however, those that succeed at this, are invariably more profitable, and tend to be truly an employer of choice.

There are so many great things that employees at all levels do, but a lot of the time go unnoticed.

And it doesn’t just have to be in your workplace.

Some time ago, I decided that I would start thanking people, randomly as I received great service, or noticed someone doing a great job.

Initially, I must admit, it felt strange, almost a little uncomfortable, but the more I thanked people and made sure to explain why I was so impressed, the genuinely thankful, and appreciative responses made me more determined to keep going.

I want to call out a very small business here in South Australia, a café called Royalty Theatre Snack Bar.

I happened to be in the city and love to support the small, family-owned businesses where I can.

I ordered a coffee and some food, sat myself down and started to do some work on my laptop. I listened in on the couple serving behind the counter (Poppy and Bill). They were highly engaging, knew most people by name, had the same conversation repeatedly about how cold it was this morning in Adelaide, and always with a smile and a friendly demeanour.

I finished my food and coffee and when Poppy came to clear the table, I asked her if it was okay to stay seated for a bit longer. She gave me a big smile and said, ‘you can sit there as long as you like love’. After about another 30 minutes, I ordered another coffee.

Poppy was so proud to tell me that Bill roasts his own beans on the weekend and that he gets to the café at about 4am to beat the traffic and take the deliveries – because that is easier for the drivers.

I had to say something.

I thanked both Bill and Poppy for their friendly hospitality, and that as I had been listening to them for a while now, I was just so impressed with their service. I asked for their names and advised them that I would like to leave a nice review on their website, they don’t have one, so I left it on Google and a bunch of other sites.

They were both so humble, and almost embarrassed that someone would compliment them on something that in their words, everyone should be doing!

I advised them that in my line of work, I observe a LOT, and I rarely see excellent service.

I left them to it, but as I was leaving the premises, I heard Poppy proudly say to another patron that ‘that guy is writing a review about us!’. I turned to see another HUGE smile and waved goodbye.

Now, I know that a small comment, 3 minutes at best of my time writing a short review has done wonders to Bill and Poppy. And I hope that just for that day, and hopefully more, as Bill gets up at 3am to get ready, they remember that guy who noticed!

And hey, if you are in Adelaide CBD, perhaps bypass a major outlet and support a Bill-and-Poppy-run-business and say thanks if you think they did a good job.

And when you get back to your place of work, look at who is doing something great, walk up to them (don’t text/message/email), and tell them.

And when you get home, thank your partner, your neighbours, your children….

Let them know you noticed!

In a lifetime, you may meet over 10,000 people.

Some of my posts reach 1,000 people.

Imagine the possible number of people whose day we can collectively make.

Imagine the world we would live in if we all found a way everyday to say Thank You to literally millions of people…. let’s start together today!

Thanks again Bill and Poppy – keep up the great work!

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