“Everything changes so that everything can stay the same”

Whilst the original quote is from a story set in the 1860’s, The Leopard, published in 1958 by Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa, the message can be applied to so many different aspects of life today.

The characters in the book can adapt to change, but they personally never changed or developed.

When I think about some of the companies that I have worked with, I recall so many meetings, discussions, committees, and ‘new directions’ that were going to be taken, only for employees to feel that nothing had really changed, and quite frankly, they really hadn’t changed materially enough to be noticed at times.

One employee once told me that “around here, nothing changes, except that everything always changes”.

It made me sad to hear this. To think that a senior leader in the business was so disillusioned with the way the business was being guided.

Research shows that approximately 70% of change initiatives fail to achieve their goals. This is largely due to employee resistance and lack of management support.

In a world where there is constant change, some good, some bad, perhaps it is time to take a breather, and be okay with not needing to change for change’s sake.

This does not mean that you will not be competitive. Just focus on what will drive the 30%.

Leading change is an art form.

It requires skill, patience, and tenacity.

It requires a whole lot of communication.

It requires explaining in detail the ‘WHY’ for the need for change.

It requires buy-in from stakeholders.

It requires someone to question as to what the benefit will be, whether it will make a significant difference to the organisation and people’s lives.

If it does not.

Bin it!

But today, do one thing.

Change the way you view and feel about the need for constant change initiatives.

People of all times in recent history need clarity, surety, and stability.

Make the change!

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