Conflict at work?

The list of why there is conflict in the workplace is endless. It can stem from the most minor perceived transgression to something major where someone’s integrity has been placed into question, and sometimes, even both parties cannot recall how it all began.

Conflict can be created by:

· A lack of information

· Incompatibility with the business Vision and Values

· Jealousy

· Opposing views

· Performance discrepancies

· Power struggles

· Running high on emotions

And so much more

I have worked with clients who have had employees in conflict with one another ranging from 6 months to 5+ years – all because the owner or leader was unsure how to approach the issue or situation.

This is not a judgement; you don’t know what you don’t know!

There are several issues with not addressing conflict in the workplace:

· Employees lose faith in the leadership of the business

· Employees will be more hesitant coming forward with issues

· It causes distraction

· There is a decline in employee engagement

· There is a decrease in productivity

As a leader, it is your duty to ensure team cohesiveness, an environment where opportunities and issues are openly shared.

Communication is key, and when done respectfully and with care, many situations can be diffused with a minimum of fuss. But it is not easy.

The outcomes I have experienced vary, some will work together in harmony post discussions, whilst some decide that the new culture of open and respectful communication is not for them, and that is okay too.

I can take you through some of the barriers that you will encounter, and how to resolve them.

The main objective is to have the conversation!

Contact me for a no obligation chat if you have an issue in your workplace that requires facilitation.

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